A Responsible Gambling option is something that every casino user requires. Mattson And Co customers can now play casino games responsibly without becoming addicted. How can the company accomplish this? Customers can use this feature to place particular limits on their activity. There are numerous variations.

All gamers who feel they can’t handle their passion on their own should use the Responsible Gambling option.

Usage Objectives

The main goal of the Responsible Gambling option is to establish a secure environment for persons who are unable to control their gambling addiction. Mattson And Co hopes to achieve the following goals with this feature:

• Prevent underage gaming;

• Protect customers from spending too much time on the platform;

• Create a safe environment;

• Promote the idea of only responsible payments;

• Keep customers mentally healthy.

Types of Limits

Setting some constraints on the activity on the Mattson And Co website can achieve all of the aforementioned goals. Depending on the issue that a user is having, there are two options.

They are the following: 

1. Financial constraints. The amount of money spent on gaming can be controlled by the customer. The company allows you to set a monthly maximum that no one can exceed in any way.

2. Time constraints. The user can establish a daily limit for how much time they can spend on the platform. After the time limit has expired, the person will be unable to access the site until the next day.

Opportunity for Self-Exclusion

If a client’s mental state deteriorates as a result of excessive gambling, the Mattson And Co casino allows them to self-exclude. Permanent and temporary exclusion are the two possibilities available. As a result, in the first option, a person will be unable to use any of the company’s products; but, after 6 months, the former user of Mattson And Co will be able to re-register. The client can pick how long the company will be inaccessible with a temporary exception.

Gambling by minors

This is a rather typical issue. People under the age of 18 are not permitted to participate in the casino’s activities. In this regard, Mattson And Co thoroughly examines the documentation submitted by users seeking registration. During verification, consumers send scans of their ID documents, which Mattson And Co staff examines for legitimacy before accepting or rejecting potential customers. Your account will be blocked immediately if you offer phoney documents that show your false age. Please gamble with caution!