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Mattson and Co Casino Review site experts have picked and evaluated top Canadian casinos. We have a professional staff that follows the strictest standards to cover the best online casinos for Canadians with an outstanding reputation and a fantastic selection of games for real slot and table game fans. Browse our directory, pick a suitable site, and play for free or real money at a reputable online casino.

How to choose an online casino wisely? This is the question that many online gambling enthusiasts ask themselves, especially the ones who love high-stake games. Indeed, with the ever-increasing number of online casinos appearing on the web, it is no longer easy to distinguish the most reliable platforms. If you are also looking for a safe and reliable site, we advise you to pick one of these listed high roller casinos and play with peace of mind.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Mattson & Co analysts have a long history in the online casino industry and have the requisite reputation and experience. That is why we provide you with unbiased reviews based on honesty and openness. The parameters we look at are entirely objective and verified.

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While there are numerous online casinos, each one has its own marketing goals, policies, and entertainment options. Our ultimate guide gives an effective answer based on each player’s stated aims at the Canadian online casino. The quality and degree of graphics are among the aspects that our team considers for a better gaming experience. We assess online casino software, customer support services, payment methods, and user interfaces.

While providing you with all the information you need to increase your understanding, we also consider the security of online casinos.

The team does an excellent job of compiling a comprehensive list of Canada’s greatest online casinos. We create accounts on the sites to try out the games, the interface, the fluidity, the payment options, and to get a sense of what it’s like. We identify the issues you may encounter on the platforms with the position of the player. We can tell you whether a casino is suited for you based on this information.

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How Do We Evaluate Casinos?

For those asking how to pick the finest Canadian online casino, we rely on thoroughness to evaluate high-quality casinos. To be listed in our directory, a casino must meet the following requirements.

Security and Reliability

Of course, the first thing to consider is legality. It is vital to determine whether or not the casino where you will be playing is legal. For this reason, we’re interested in its licence, which is the formal document that grants it permission to provide public entertainment. A respected authority has issued the licence. Second, the online casino must adhere to all applicable legislation on Canadian soil. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the Canadian responsible body, must oversee and approve its activities.

In addition, we are interested in the safety of the players at the casino. The online casino site must provide guarantees that it is able to protect the personal and financial data of registered players. To ensure this, we analyze the casino’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. In addition, casinos are required to have a protection certificate that proves that players’ rights are respected. We make sure that the sites are effective in combating gambling addiction.

Quality and Diversity of Games

Our specialists register at online casino sites to try out the games in order to provide an objective and relevant critique. The quality of the games and the variety of games available on the platform determine a site’s ranking. Some game developers are regarded as trustworthy since they produce high-quality software. As a result, we prefer sites that provide games from well-known developers like Microgaming and NetEnt.

Fairness and a positive rate of return for the players are other important factors in the game’s excellence. The reports of the independent bodies that oversee the platforms are examined by our experts.

Payment Methods

We examine all of the site’s payment options as part of our review. For all Canadian players, we ensure that they are accessible and secure. Because money is so sensitive, the casino’s payment processes must employ powerful data encryption technologies. It is critical to guarantee that bank account information is not at risk of being hacked.

We also ensure that the casinos we choose have quick procedures. They have to pay out wins to players in a timely manner. Furthermore, the minimum deposit quantity should be acceptable to the large majority of people.


Customer service is another vital aspect of the top0rated Canadian online casino. We ensure that the casinos provide their customers with a variety of contact options. It must also be extremely responsive and effective in its support activities.

The Availability of a Mobile Application

Because Canadians are increasingly mobile, the finest online casinos must provide mobile applications to their customers. Our staff considers whether or not a mobile application is present, as well as its fluency. This smartphone-based mini-casino must have the same high level of user-friendliness and functionality as the official website.

Bonus Offers

We examine the incentives offered by online casinos in Canada to determine their appeal. The promotional offers should be simple to understand and profitable for the recipients. A casino that offers a large range of incentives and promotions will almost certainly outperform one that offers fewer.