Hello friends,

On behalf of your extended Mattson family, I wanted to share that Mattson & Co and The Junction Events & Catering are both closed permanently.

This life changing decision was made after a re-evaluation of my journey thus far and recognizing  I have so much more to experience in my life path. 

I am so grateful to my former partners, amazing team members (past and most recent) and of course my partners in business (vendors and suppliers), who have shared this experience with me.  I 

would not have been here without your continuous support, patience and most of all trust. I am eternally blessed to have met such amazing

guests (aka: friends, old & new) who have supported me since my first restaurant on King William Street (The Junction Cafe & Aquarius Lounge) back in 2002.

You have been there for me during my darkest of days and truly have left a print on my heart.

Sooooo many shared memories of joy and belly laughs through your many celebrations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

For me, this passion has always been about building relationships which I am so proud to say, I have accomplished with such grace and elegance with you all.

Thank you …. Thank you …. Thank you Hamiltonians and surrounding friends for accepting me for me and for your never ending display of love and encouragement.

Another family owned business has moved in … our dear friends from Ye Old Squire and they will leave their own mark on Locke Street.  Let us welcome them open arms and their kind generosity of accepting all outstanding Mattson gift certificates. 

I will miss you all so very much.

Until we meet again…keep smiling and be happy,

Ronn Mattai

  • There’s no question that these guys have elevated the Hamilton fine dining game.

    Solmaz Hamilton Food Critic
  • The jazz here is organically in and of the place, from the photos of Art Blakey, Lena Horne and others to the live jazz insistently featured at Mattson & Co; from the look and jazzy feel to the special acoustic cloth square panels on the ceiling.

    The Hamilton Spectator