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The Mattson Family brings elegance and local sourcing to Hamilton’s blossoming food scene. Founded by local restauranteur Ronn Mattai whose vision is to bring quality cuisine, drinks and jazz to #HamOnt foodies.

It started with Mattson & Co., an elegant restaurant on Hamilton’s Locke Street that focuses on locally-sourced ingredients and talent – from the menu through to VQA wines to local live musicians every week. Guests enjoy Ronn’s unparalleled vision with the contemporary cuisine.

In late 2016, Ronn opened The Junction on James Street, a beautiful venue dedicated entirely to private events, business meetings and social gatherings. Six months later, The Junction expanded to two venues and offers off-site events and catering options throughout Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Meet our Team

  • Ronn Mattai
    Ronn Mattai Founder, Director of Operations & Events

    Founder Ronn Mattai has been a fixture in the Hamilton food scene since the late nineties, when he opened The Junction Cafe & Aquarius Lounge. Since those days on King William, Ronn has travelled the country, bringing an eye for elegance back to Hamilton with the Mattson Family of restaurants and dining experiences. Today, he runs everything from private events to our flagship restaurant, all with a love for Hamilton and the people who call this city home.

  • Lauren Samborski
    Lauren Samborski Head Chef

    Lauren’s passion is to create dishes that remind someone of home. She was raised in Burlington/Oakville and started cooking when she was fifteen. A strong background in baking has grown into working with a variety of styles of food and created a unique place for her as a chef. She believes dining should be an experience from the moment you walk through the door. Food has an amazing ability to bring people together, but cooking feeds the soul – a concept she brings to her dishes and culinary experiences every day with Mattson & Co.

  • Edilia Williams-Evelyn
    Edilia Williams-Evelyn Sous Chef

    Edilia’s creative, innovative culinary artistry comes from her twelve years of experience in the Caribbean, in Dutch St. Maarten. Her basis in fine dining and elevated cuisine in the Caribbean brings a unique perspective to her dishes. Moving to Canada with her family and husband, a military veteran, helped her evolve her culinary style into a contemporary Caribbean concept. She enjoyed being able to bring together her husband’s military colleagues with her love and passion not only for food, but for creating a story within it. Her Caribbean experience brings out Edilia’s abilities and flair that enhance the Mattson & Co. experience with each dish.

  • Frances Harnisch
    Frances Harnisch Vegan Cook

    Frances’ years of culinary experience are rooted in local, vegetarian, and vegan. She is passionate about local food systems and creating dishes that honour them. She has worked in restaurants across Canada, including Montreal and Vancouver. Her experience working on vegetable farms to create beautiful dishes gives her the unique ability to bring out the extraordinary in simple ingredients. She strongly believes in supporting the local community through food and cooking. In joining the Mattson family, Frances is excited to bring elevated vegan dishes to our guests and promote elegant simplicity.

  • Alana Wynnyczuk
    Alana Wynnyczuk Social Media & Marketing Manager

    Since moving here in 2013, Alana has fallen in love with Hamilton and has immersed herself in the local community. Through her professional career, she has learned the importance of online communication in fostering relationships, building community, and bringing people together. She believes that social gatherings through the enjoyment of food, wine and unique dishes creates the ultimate experience. This passion has lead her to the Mattson family, which exemplifies these values of community and the true essence of Hamilton.

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